MK Plus Shampoo

Active Ingredients:

  • Ketoconazole I.P. 2% w/w
  • Shampoo Base Q.S.
  • Aloevera Q.S.
  • Biotin Q.S.
  • Color: Brilliant Blue FCF

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MK Plus Shampoo is the best anti dandruff shampoo. The most important and effective ingredients of MK Plus Shampoo is Ketoconazole. Ketaconazole is a synthetic anti fungal drug. It is used to treat a large number of fungal infections. MK Plus shampoo primary use is to climate scalp conditions such as dandruff and reborrhoeic dermatitis. . Aloevera and biotin have natural moisturizer & conditioners which strengthen the hair.


Direction for use:

Apply MK Plus Shampoo well on wet hair all over the head or affected area. Let the foam exert its action for 2-5 minutes before rising.

MK Plus Shampoo should not be use CHILDREN Younger then 3 years old.